Wednesday, November 30, 2016

How to Wax Ski's

Waxing skis can get expensive if you take them to a shop on a regular basis. This is a fairly simple task to accomplish on your own. You need the following three items to start with:

1) Can of wax (look at hardware or grocery stores)
2) Solid bottom iron (these can be purchased for $20 or less online or at a local store. I prefer the mini irons. Do not use one of the irons with the steam holes in the bottom.
3) Small piece of plexiglass. Slightly longer than the width of the ski.

Here are the steps:
1) Let the iron heat up for a few minutes.
2) Push the wax on the bottom of the iron above the bottom of the ski and let it drop on the ski. Drizzle the wax all over the ski. Be cautious of the amount of wax. Its not to put large amounts of wax on the bottom of the ski.
3) Place the iron on the ski and iron the wax so it covers the entire bottom of the ski. Be careful not to hold the iron in one place too long and burn the wax.
4) Let the wax dry on the bottom of the ski.
5) Use the plexiglass to scrape the wax off the bottom of the ski.

That's it. Enjoy your newly waxed skis.

You can cut a little square notch in the corner of the plexiglass and use it on the edge of the ski to scrape the wax off the steel edging. However, this isn't absolutely necessary and I rarely do this.

Be sure the skis are securely fastened to a table or something before attempting to wax and iron. You can also use a set of wooden horses.

This same technique works for both skiboards and snowboards as well.

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