Sunday, October 23, 2016

Wolf Gap Recreation Area

Just about every year for the last 20 years I would take a trip to Wolf Gap Recreation Area. I've been taking my son there since he's been a baby and it is one of our favorite places.  We've gone there a couple times this year and it appears to be loosing its luster due to over crowding.  We usually either go backpacking or camping. 

Due to the advent of the internet and sites like, which is a great site, everyone in the world is easily able to find all the great trails with the click of a button.  Unfortunately the downside to this is that it causes over crowding of some of the best places.  This is one reason I favor backpacking over camping.  Backpacking enables you to go off the beaten path if necessary and find a spot away from others if you so choose.  This is another great benefit of using a hammock.

To give an example of what I mean just a few years ago we would go to Wolf Gap and see a handful of campers.  Now it seems every time we go there are anywhere from 25-50 people.

This is a great place to hike and a great place to camp.  I totally understand why it has become so popular.  It provides easy access to various popular trails.  A few years back they build a new bridge crossing over a steep ledge on the Mill Mountain Trail. 

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