Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Backpacking in Full Swing

Sorry folks, after I recovered from my back injury my father was in a pretty serious motorcycle accident.  With all the travel and hospital stuff I have not had much time to post.  Everything is pretty much squared away at this point and my father is doing much better so now I'm back to my regular scheduled program.

Backpacking season is now in full swing and I cannot wait to get out and enjoy the foliage this fall.  My wife and I attempted to go on a backpacking trip this past weekend, but had some issues getting out of the house at a reasonable time.  Thus, we ended up hiking a bit of our trip in the dark.

Hiking in the dark was totally fine with us and was nothing new.  However, what was new was the trail we were hiking.  Unfortunately it was extremely overgrown and there were various dangerous sections on the side of the mountain.  We had our dog with us too, which was even more difficult because he was having trouble with all rocks which were sliding down the side of the mountain as he was walking.  He slid down with them a few feet on several occasions.

This just goes to show that my previous words still hold true, "proper planning is everything".  No matter how much experience you have, or what kind of mood you are in it always pays to plan ahead.

As a result of this hectic trip we have decided to plan out 10 trips and store all the details in the filing cabinet.  We have one bin for each of us containing the contents of our packs.  I'm currently  making enough dried foods for the rest of the season and will vacuum seal them in convenient meal size bags.  This way if we decide to go on a trip last minute we just stuff our gear in our pack, throw some food in, get our trip details and head out.  No more stressing over last minute planning.

Normally we would plan our trips a few days ahead of time, but its much more convenient to have several trips planned far in advance for our hectic schedules.  Also, this gives you the opportunity to do more research and order some reasonable maps.

That being said I am on the search for a new compass since my Silva compass has been sent back to the factory because it is developing a bubble.  Silva have agreed to replace it for free, but in the meantime I don't have a backup so will be getting another one I can use until my replacement arrives.

Silva has a lifetime guarantee for their compasses and they always own up to to so I am a definite customer of their products.

Checkout my top picks for Silva compasses below:

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