Thursday, August 18, 2016

Wider Softer Tires and Performance

My back is feeling much better and I finally had the opportunity to test my new Clement X'PLOR USH tires.  My concern was that thew would slow me down as a result of being wider and softer than the original  Continental Ultra Sport's that came standard on the bike.

I've been doing a lot of reading lately and many tests are starting to prove that wider softer tires have better rolling resistance.  I expect there would be a point of diminishing returns if the tires are too wide and soft.  After reading many articles on this topic I was skeptical so decided to do my own test run.

I took my bike on a portion of my normal route to see how the tires would handle.   My back was still a little sore so I was taking it a bit easier than normal.  I must say I was quite impressed with the results.  Surprisingly he new tires didn't seem to slow my performance.  Considering I was not pushing as hard as normal due to my back injury I was expecting my times to be very slow.  See for yourself.  I've created a map video with all the stats down below.

Here is an interesting article discussing performance of a wider tires on

The videos are below.  On you way down please check out the ads.  Thanks.

Here are the USH tire stats.

Here are the Stock tire stats.

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