Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Meadowood Grand Tour MTB Trail System

Sorry for not posting for a few days. I'm recovering from a back injury and have been in a bit of pain.

I've been going out and exploring for places to have group rides. I'm interested in setting up rides for road, gravel and mountain biking.

I checked out the "Meadowood Grand Tour" this passed weekend and was quite impressed. They have some really nice trails and decent raised platforms. It was pretty wet when I was there because it was after a heavy rain. There are a fair amount of roots and mud puddles. The wood platforms are nice, but can be very slippery when wet. If you are not comfortable with the platforms there are plenty of trails without and there are dirt trails along side the platforms on most, if not all routes.

I debated taking my gravel bike or sticking with the MTB. In the end I decided to stick with the MTB, which was a good choice. My gravel bike isn't really setup for wet muddy trails. Its more for dry hard pack, loose gravel and such. I did see several other individuals riding on this trail with their gravel bikes, which was pretty exciting.

Anyways, the trail conditions at this place are really nice. It looks very well maintained and has multiple parking lots.

This is definitely a place I plan to revisit in the coming weeks, that is if my back feels up to it.  I was reading a bit on the website for Meadowood Grand Tour and it mentions they are building connector trails to the Fountain Head trail network.  This is great news!!!  It appears they are planning to build a large network of trails all over in the area.

Meadowood is definitely suitable for beginner mountain bikers.  There's even plenty there for advanced riders.  For beginners you may want to go on a dry day if you don't have a lot of experience.

There are plenty of hills, but I did not come across any monster mountains or steep declines.  According to the website the ascent is 586' over 7 miles, which should not scare anyone away.  It's a very enjoyable place to ride.  You do have to be aware that its single track with two-way traffic.  It can sometimes be annoying to have to stop and way for groups to pass, but wasn't much of an issue.

On trails like this I like to wear bright colors to make sure riders come from the front can easily see me before its too late.  Be cautious around the turns.  There are few hairpin turns so you should definitely look at the make to make sure you don't go too fast in these areas.

Ok, I have to sign out for the night.  Enjoy!  Keep an eye out for upcoming local events.

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