Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Eye Protection

sun glasses
Many people wear sun glasses because its bright outside.  As a cyclist I wear a pair of Scattante glasses for two main reasons.

The first reason is for protection.  This means protection from the suns UV rays.  Over exposure to UV rays is not only bad for your skin, but is also bad for your eyes.  According to my eye doctor a person can actually get cancer in their eyes from over exposure of UV rays.

Protection also means from debris.  For example, insects are terrible little creatures to get smacked in the eyeball with at 25 mph, or any speed for that matter.  The lager the bug, the more the danger and pain.  I've had friends get stung in the face while riding.  I got stung in the armpit once while riding wearing a t-shirt.  The bee got trapped in my shirt when I rode through its flight path and stung me.  Anyways, that's off topic.  My point is that when riding you want to take every possible means you can to protect your peepers.

Wearing glasses when on the trails and in the woods is extremely important.  You can easily get poked in the eye with a stick.  When I was a kid, before helmets and glasses were even considered for riding a bike, or even skiing I scratched my pupil on a branch while going down a trail. A scratched pupil is not pleasant by any means.

Secondly I wear glasses for visibility.  That's right, visibility.  They prevent my eyes from tearing up and getting blurry from the wind.  Another aspect of visibility is the shade lens you use.  The of Scattante's I have come with three shades of lenses: clear, orange and tint.  The tint are great for when its sunny outside and you need to block some of the brightness to see where you are going.

The clear can be used anytime just to protect your eyes if you don't need the shaded versions.  Last, but definitely not least is the orange shade lenses.   Many people don't know the purpose of orange lenses so I will do my best to explain.  The orange lenses help to make things more visible in times of low light.  For example, in late evening, early morning, or at night.  Apparently they block blue light from your vision, which helps clear things up.  This is why hunters use them while shooting.  It helps clear up their view.

There are some articles on the dangers of blue light rays to the human eye, but I will leave this for your further research if you are so inclined.

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