Monday, August 1, 2016

DIY Bicycle Action Cam Mount / Selfie-Stick

DIY Action Camera Mount - Modified Version

Here is an idea for making your own bicycle mount or a selfie stick for your action camera for about $10 in parts.  It takes only a few minutes to build and works really well on paved roads.

This is not a mount I would take mountain biking.  However, it may hold up for gravel grinding depending on the weight of the camera you plan to mount on it.
The camera I mounted is pretty heavy so it tends to want to fall forward when I hit bumps due the the inexpensive tripod

Parts for Camera Mount

  • 2' - 3/4" piece of ABS plastic pipe
  • 1 3/4 inch PVC 90˚ insert elbow
  • 1 3/4" PVC insert end plug
  • 1 tripod mini-ball head
  • 1 bicycle flashlight mount or 1 mount with flashlight.
  • 1 #4 2-2.5" break-off machine screw.  This is the screw to hold the tripod ball head onto the mount.
Modified Version
Above is a diagram of the parts and how they fit together.  To the left is the same exact diagram with parts circled in red.  The parts circled in red can be excluded.  The reason is because I modified the mount after testing it and found the top leg is better when its cut short.

I didn't realize this until after i put everything together and it was too difficult to take apart to retake the photos.  See the directions below.  On your way down please check out the flashlight mounts in the ads.  Thanks.

1) Cut the pieces to the desired length.  Must be long enough to be held in the flashlight mount.
2) Drill a hole vertically through the elbow large enough for the screw to fit.  I made mine a bit snug so the screw would fight tightly in the elbow.
3) Put the screw through the elbow with the head on the bottom of the elbow.
4) Fit the ball-head then snap the screw at the correct length.
5) Put all the pieces together.

Another tip is that you can put a piece of rubber between the wall of the flashlight mount and the horizontal member of the camera mount.  Another idea is to put a small bolt or two through both the wall of the flashlight mount and camera mount to prevent the mount from turning sideways due to the weight of the camera.  I went with the piece of rubber because this way I can still used the flashlight mount for the flashlight.

To make a selfie stick instead just make the horizontal leg on the mount arms length instead of short enough for the flashlight mount.

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