Friday, July 22, 2016

Polaroid Cube Review

The Polaroid Cube HD is a tiny light weight action camera that can be used to film your favorite activities while your on the move.  I've been using this camera for a little over a year now, and love it. This camera is amazingly compact, this is the main reason I love it so much.

The button operation is very simple.  Hold for the count of three to turn it on, then click once for photo mode and twice for video mode.  To turn it off you just hold the button for the count of three.  Super simple operation makes this camera extremely attractive for anyone who may be pre-occupied participating in a sporting activity.

I do not have the protective case for this camera at this time.  However, it is fairly durable out of the box, and is water resistant.  I would not submerge it in any liquids, however.  Also, if you bang the lens on something it will likely break.  Its durable for most light to medium activities.  I use  it for mountain biking, and adventure cycling.  It would definitely be much better with the Polaroid Waterproof Shockproof Case.  After going over the handlebars on my bike the other day I am now definitely planning on ordering a hardcover case for my cube.  No, the camera was not destroyed in the crash.  I was lucky though and should've definitely had the case on that type of terrain.

On to the rest of the review after a word from our sponsor.

The cube can shoot video or take photos in either 1080P or 720P HD.  It does have a slight fish-eye effect, which I thought would be a serious issue when I first bought my camera.  It is not an issue and most of the time isn't noticeable.

The cube does well in different light settings.  An issue I had with another camera I own is that the quality isn't very good in low light settings.  The cube tends to do pretty well in low light.  This is another plus as far as I am concerned.

Sun glare is a huge problem with cameras, but the cube does a pretty decent job handling it.  Another camera I have, which was more expensive tends to blur out the video when its pointing in the direction of the sun.  The cube will have a slight glare, which is to be expected, but it doesn't usually blur out the entire frame.

Here is a sample video to show different lighting conditions.  This video is playing on YouTube so be advised, the quality can vary dramatically depending on your connection.  I can tell you for certain it video is clear and crisp when playing directly as a file on my computer.  When I play the file on YouTube, it isn't as clear as it is on my computer.

I decided to create a link so you can download the video, which may prove to show the true quality.

I highly recommend this camera.  Its very compact, light weight, captures great video and photos.  The fish-eye effect is much more visible in close range photos.  Here are a couple of examples:

In longer range photo's, such as, mountain scenes the fish-eye is not as noticeable.  For me though, I'm not to concerned with photos since I really only use it for video.

I usually use a 32 GB card and set the camera on 720P HD.  This will give me adequate video for YouTube, or making home videos for my computer or TV.  You can get about 90 minutes of video recording out of the camera.

If I am going on an adventure longer than 90 minutes I will take a portable phone charger with me so I can charge it on my trip.  Below are some examples of good portable chargers.

Here is a shot of the back of the camera.  You can see their is a switch to flip between the 720P and 1080P modes.  The top slot is for the memory card and the bottom is to charge it.

For a little bit more cash you can get a Polaroid Cube+, which is Wi-Fi enabled, has higher resolution, image stabilization, and comes with an app for changing the settings.

You cannot go wrong with this camera.  It would also make a great gift for someone.  I highly recommend it.  The price is reasonable, the quality is great, it's super simple to operate and its really compact.  It even comes in a variety of colors.  I chose red in case I drop it in a field or something I can easily find it.

If you are interested and plan to order one I would ask to please order it via one of my ads on this page or by visiting my Adventure Shop.

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Mac Owner Quick Tip:
1) Plug your card into your camera and turn the camera on.  This will setup the card to work on the cube.
2) Then take the card out of the camera and plug it into your mac.
3) Then unzip the polaroid app zip file on the card, not on your computer.  This step is very important.
4)  Run the app from the card and sync the time/date with your computer.

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