Sunday, July 17, 2016

Hobie Rev 11

One word sums up my review:  AWESOME!!!

This kayak is the most amazing craft that I have ever fished from.  Talk about fast!  This thing is like a torpedo...  The turbo drive and sail rudder are well worth the additional cost.  When I first took it out I broke out into a sprint an decided to make a turn, perhaps in a circle.  Wow, that was a mistake.  Never turn the rudder all the way when you are going full speed.  I almost fell out of the boat.  This thing can turn on a dime.  No joke!

For a kayak this this is extremely stable.
- Primary: The primary stability has a bit of wabble.  No more than other similar kayaks.
- Secondary: Secondary stability is very good.  No issues here.

For a person my size 5'7" about 135 lbs it is a pretty good fit.  My only gripe is the seat isn't the most comfortable.  After a couple hours my back side felt like I want on a really long car trip.  This isn't too much of an issue though.  For me there was plenty of room to move my legs around and stretch out.  I'm even able to get up on my knees and break out the paddle if I want.

There is a ton of room on this little craft.  I'm able to reach all compartments without flipping the boat, or falling off.  The storage spot in front of the seat is huge.  I can store all my fishing tackle in there.

Being able to keep my hands free when fishing is excellent.  I can easily prepare my gear while moving forward to my spot.  Today I was changing my lures while moving to different spots.

Casting is not a problem at all.  The pole holders on the back are in a perfect location and are easy to reach.  It is actually practical to have 1-2 lines in the water on the back of the boat while moving forward and trolling.

Next I will be installing a front rod holder.  I was considering the accessory slider thing, but not sure it is worth the cost.

My next step is to make a livewell from a bucket to hold the keepers.  Hobie does sell a very nice livewell made for this boat, but the price is way too high for what it is.  Its easy enough to may one myself.

I highly recommend the Hobie Revolution line of kayaks for anyone interested in fishing, or any other flat water fun.

The only real negative for this kayak is the price.  Personally I think it is much higher than it should be.