Tuesday, July 26, 2016

G-Shock Watch Review

The G-Shock GDF100 is a fantastic watch.  It is water proof and super durable.  Its even mud proof.  I've had this thing caked with mud on more than one occasion.  If I had to pick a favorite feature it would have to be the barometer.  It's important that a barometer and altimeter must be at rest in order to be accurate.

This is because they calculate with air pressure as a variable.  If you are ascending or descending the air pressure is constantly changing so you will get false data.  The trick is to let it sit for about an hour.  While backpacking, when I get to my campsite I hang it outside my hammock.

The temperature gauge on modern day watches is not accurate when the watch is on your wrist because it tends to measure your body temperature instead of the ambient air temperature.  I love being able to know what the temperature is inside of my hammock when I am backpacking so I will hang it on the ridge line in my hammock down by my waist.  This way my ex-hailing won't interfere.  This probably wouldn't have much of an affect, however.

Another cool feature is the ability to set a different timezone.  For example, last year I was in Colorado so I just changed the timezone to match my location.

When in one of the other modes, such as, altimeter the time is displayed at the top of the watch instead of in the normal spot, which is very convenient.  Also, when in time mode, the barometer becomes a second hand.  It has a stop watch, timer, thermometer, barometer, clock, date, elevation, and 5 different alarm modes.

This particular watch does not come with a compass, which I do like to use from time to time.  I have another watch with a compass, but generally tend to stick with my G-Shock when I am out on an adventure.  Then again when you have a hand-held GPS a compass on a watch isn't really necessary.

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  I abuse this watch day-in and day-out and it still looks brand new.  My wife bought it for my on my birthday and it was on of the best gifts I have ever received.  If you are in the market for a watch I highly recommend taking a look at a G-Shock by Casio.

This is my main every day use watch.  Its great for just about any outdoor activity.  Have no fear with this watch it will stand up to a great deal of abuse.

I highly recommend this watch for anyone in the market, or looking for a gift for someone.  The only negative is the LED to view the screen doesn't stay on very long and if you hold the button the light doesn't stay on.  You push the button, the light comes on for the count of 3 then goes off.  I suppose this is fine, but I would prefer to be able to hold the light on while cycling through different modes.    It doesn't really matter though because this watch is awesome.

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