Monday, July 25, 2016

Camelbak Lobo Hydration Pack (100oz) Review

The CamelBak Lobo Hydration Pack is probably one of my favorite pieces of equipment.  It's designed for mountain biking, but I use it for gravel grinding, and long road rides as well.  It has plenty of storage for tools, electronics, tubes, pump and all sorts of extras.

I originally bought this bag so I could carry my gear along with a rain jacket.  There is definitely plenty of room for everything I need and then some.   I also carry my sun glass case with 3 extra pairs of different shade lenses.

My wife and I have a couple Camelbak Blowfish Hydration Packs, which are quite a bit larger.  Mine is a bit worn out so I decided to get a new Lobo.  I am very glad I did.

The straps enable me to hold it tightly to my back so it doesn't bounce around while I'm on rough trails. Holding the pack snug against your back is ideal for balance and comfort.  The hydration tube has a magnetic hook so it can easily be pulled off and put back on when you need a drink.

The coolest feature of this pack are the helmet hooks.  Many times I'll be riding to a destination where I plane to park my bike and to a bit of walking or site-seeing.  The is where the helmet hooks come in.   I just clip my helmet onto the pack and I don't have to worry about carrying it, or worry about it bouncing all over the place.  There is a hook on each side of the bag; one for each strap on the helmet.

Another cool feature is the that the outer pocket has straps enabling it to move out away from the pack so you can conveniently store things like your mobile phone.  This makes for really easy access to your phone.

The pockets have internal mesh pockets, and a keyring hook for your car keys.  I use the mesh pockets to hold my snacks.  They can be used for tools, sunscreen, your phone, or anything around that size.

Here is the CamelBak video for this pack.  After watching the video please continue with the review below.

The pack comes with a huge 100 fl. oz. large mouth water bag.  The large mouth makes it possible to fill it with water without first removing it from the bag.  This is very convenient.  It also has a thin plastic divider down the middle, and drying arms.  These work great when you want to store the water bag.  The drying arms hold the bottle opened so every last drop of water can evaporate.  I usually wash mine out with baking soda before storage.

The mouth also has a little handle on the bottom, which makes it nice when filling, or carrying the bottle outside of the pack.  It even has a little hanging hook built into the top of the mouth for hanging when in storage.

The hose is a standard CamelBak tube with a quick release on the bottle so the hose can be disconnected.  The mouth piece has a lever to open and close flow.  This is great and prevents it from dripping while you are riding.

In summary, I love this bag and take it on most of my trips, long or short.  The bag can hold up to 100 ounces of water, tools, snacks, pump, rain gear, keys, phone, and a wallet with plenty of room to spare.  It comes in a variety of cool colors and is made out of durable water proof material.

I would highly recommend this pack to anyone who rides a bike no matter what style of riding you do.  It is especially great for mountain biking, skiing, hiking, long road trips, and gravel grinding.

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