Hello and welcome to home of the Bits-N-Bytes video channel.

I'm a software developer with well over 20 years of experience. I've worked on a multitude of projects ranging from very small one person projects to large multinational projects with thousands of employees. I am currently a professional software developer by trade.

I've worked in a variety of methodologies including but not limited to:
- Waterfall
- Extreme Programming (XP)
- Rapid Application Development (RAD)
- Agile (by far my favorite)

I have worked with a variety of programming languages and frameworks including all of the following:
- Python (Django/Flask)
- Ruby (Rails)
- Java (Spring/Struts)
- JavaScript
- C++
- C
- Pbasic
- Zbasic
- Spin

I am also a non-practicing certified holistic counselor. I obtained my certification specifically for personal education purposes. I love living a healthy lifestyle and feel it is extremely important to enable me to excel at my career and everything I do in life. I see my career as a marathon and not as a sprint.

My purpose for creating a home on the web is to share my wealth of knowledge with the world. I have a great deal of experience with mentoring people and really enjoy it. I have created a video channel (Bits-N-Bytes) to share this knowledge. Many of the videos will be educational in purpose and related to software development. However, there will be some variety. I will mix it up a bit!